3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Candidate Sourcing Experience

Direct sourcing can greatly improve the sourcing experience of your contingent candidates. These selected insights from our recent ebook, ‘How to Build a Candidate Experience That Attracts Top Contingent Talent‘, will help guide you towards this winning strategy. 

We’ve all interviewed for a less than “on-top-of-it” company at some point. This experience usually leaves us questioning whether this is a place that we actually want to work. Now add an extra layer of complexity like a staffing agency, and this gets even more complicated for the contingent workforce.

In this article, we’ll provide you with some ways you can avoid becoming “that” company.

1) Keep It Simple & Clear

Just like any full-time worker, it’s important to keep contingent candidates in the know about where they stand in your interview process by giving prompt and thorough feedback to your vendors. One way we see this done is by selecting a VMS that automates the communication for you so that any interaction with the candidate is immediately sent to the vendor based on triggers rather than via manual emails.

Candidates are in high demand and don’t have time to sit through a five-round interview process. Keep the process simple for the candidate who is taking time out of their day to apply for your position by keeping the number of interviews to a minimum.

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2) Reach Candidates Where They Are

These days, most candidates are searching for opportunities online. To make the candidate experience as easy as possible, consider incorporating direct sourcing in your program. This means taking your jobs from your VMS and, in addition to sending them to your vendors, share them on your career site and job boards for candidates to directly access. This allows them to:

  • Apply directly from their mobile devices
  • Join talent networks to see when new jobs become available
  • Get automatically matched to suitable jobs using artificial intelligence

3) Leverage Your Brand

One of the advantages of incorporating direct sourcing into your contingent strategy is that you can leverage your own brand to attract talent, as you would to hire full-time staff. As you improve your candidate sourcing experience, highlight that in your promotion.

It doesn’t end there. Keep your brand in mind as you move a candidate through the sourcing process. How are you perceived by this candidate? Could they become an ambassador and provide referrals? All in all, try to make the selection process as quick and painless as possible for the candidate.


This article is based on the webinar ‘3 Ways to Elevate Your Contingent Workforce Program in 2022’. Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar here. Alternatively, contact us if you’re ready to explore the right delivery model for you—we’re here to help!



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