Benefits of a Shared Managed Services Program: Interview with Teresa Hodges Bryant

When people think of VectorVMS, they typically think about our VMS technology offering and not so much about the type of services we provide. However, we also have a top-notch services department that can provide customized program management to help users create a hybrid contingent workforce management program.

One of the key contributors to the VectorVMS Shared Managed Services (or SMS) team is Teresa Hodges Bryant. Teresa has worked with many of our hybrid clients and receives glowing reviews like this one from First Citizens Bank: “The expertise our dedicated program manager [Teresa] provides us is outstanding].”

In this interview, we’ll find out more about Teresa and how SMS provides a great way to maximize a contingent workforce program.

Teresa, how did you get started at VectorVMS and what drew you to working here?

At the time, I had been in the staffing world for 24+ years and was ready for a change! In my role as a Regional Operations Manager, I gained a lot of knowledge and appreciation for VMS technology and how it can streamline the contingent hiring and engagement process from beginning to end. Specifically with the VectorVMS technology, I appreciated the ease of use of this tool, so when an opportunity presented itself for an SMS Program Manager role, I jumped at it.

I had (and still have) a peer working for VectorVMS. He’s really enthusiastic about the company values, respect for the client population, and the team spirit. I knew that in the SMS Program Manager role I would be able to draw on my experience in the staffing world and also still be able to work directly with clients in my portfolio. I thoroughly enjoy providing client support and also working directly with their vendor partners to advance their contingent programs.

So what exactly is Shared Managed Services?

To me, Shared Managed Services is a cross between a technology license and a fully outsourced contingent workforce management strategy. Our clients get to choose which services we provide—whether that’s daily, weekly, quarterly, or annual types of offerings, rather than being put into a cookie cutter-type program management design.

I love this aspect of VectorVMS’ offering because this is where I really get to tap into my staffing industry experience to provide strategic support to my clients around program growth utilizing our technology. I’m able to use my knowledge and share best practices for areas such as creating and implementing vendor KPIs where many programs fall short.

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What types of services do you provide for the programs you support?

Services can vary by client as our clients have the option to select which services we provide. This provides clients with a very tailored program management model specific to their needs.

For most of my clients I perform:

  • Annual pre-engagement compliance and pay rate audits
  • Business reviews
  • Vendor service reviews
  • Onboarding and training new vendor partners
  • Vendor summit calls
  • Rate data analysis for top utilized positions
  • Assistance with report creation and analytics
  • Client-consolidated invoicing and vendor payment support and reconciliation

While these are the more popular items, we also provide a whole range of services depending on the specific requirements of each program.

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How do you feel your support differs from an MSP?

While SMS may seem similar to a Managed Service Provider, I feel my role enables clients to truly own their contingent programs. I work hand in hand with them to mature their program but, at the end of the day, they own the culture of the program and the overall relationship with their vendors.

By allowing our clients to maintain ownership of the strategic aspects of the program, the SMS program managers can help create a trusted partnership that allows us to collaborate and work together to reach the overall program goals.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is working directly with my clients and their vendor partners to develop a strong contingent labor program that aligns with their company objectives.

Nothing makes me happier than working with a client and watching as their programs grow and becomes even more successful. The highlight of my work as a SMS program manager is when my clients reach their program objectives.

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Meet the Expert
Teresa Hodges Bryant – Program Manager

With more than 25 years of experience in contingent workforce management, Teresa Hodges Bryant provides strategic consultation and program management for mid-market clients. As a member of our Strategic Services team, Teresa helps clients implement and optimize our vendor management system (VMS). She facilitates client-vendor partnerships, recommends program enhancements, and leads development workshops and other initiatives to help clients move from tactical to strategic program management. Connect with her on LinkedIn.