How to Create Stellar Onboarding Experiences With Integrations

Candidate experience doesn’t stop when the contract begins. These selected insights from our recent ebook, ‘How to Build a Candidate Experience That Attracts Top Contingent Talent‘, will help guide you through key considerations for a successful onboarding experience.

Attracting contingent talent in today’s competitive market requires more dedication than ever. But once you have the worker on site, you can relax, right? Wrong!

A poorly-prepared first day can leave a negative impression, decreasing the likelihood that they will return for another assignment. So how do we mitigate a bad first day? Easy: automation. Make sure that in your vendor management system you’re tracking everything you need to have ready for the candidate’s first day, including:

  • Security badge
  • Network access
  • Work equipment
  • Learning courses
  • Safety training

Having everything set up with reminders and triggers will help you to ensure that nothing important gets missed during a candidate’s first day. This can also mean integration with third-party tools to ensure compliance is met.

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Learning Management Integration

Your organization has its own specific requirements that must be met to maintain proper compliance. By integrating your learning management system with your VMS, you can ensure that the right courses are assigned to your new contingent worker.

Learning is becoming increasingly important to all workers, not just your permanent employees. Prioritizing the learning integration sets the foundation for continued upskilling and reskilling for your extended workforce, which can help with your company’s agility.

Background Checks

Probably the first experience after hiring that your contingent worker will experience, integrating your background check technology into your VMS can streamline the process. Review and validate your candidate’s credentials prior to their arrival, as well as check the status of any outstanding items.

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Security and Equipment

Your workers won’t feel like an afterthought if everything they need for a productive first day is ready for them. Integrating your services technology, such as those that track your organization’s equipment, can be used to alert responsible departments to the need for new equipment distribution.

In addition to physical equipment, it’s imperative to have the right digital equipment available as well. You wouldn’t want a worker to sit twiddling their thumbs because you forgot to give them access to the network. Other commonly forgotten items include installation of the correct software on their machines and getting the right paperwork through if confidential information needs to be accessed in time for the candidate’s first day.

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Your Day One Action Plan

The last thing we want to mention here is the necessity of providing clear instructions and communication to the new worker. Most people experience some level of nervous excitement on their first day. Giving new workers a clear plan is critical for success but the following logistical items are often forgotten:

  • Where they’ll be seated
  • What they need to accomplish
  • Who is on their team
  • An outline of who to contact if they need anything super important

Learn more in our ebook ‘How to Build a Candidate Experience That Attracts Top Contingent Talent’!



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