Using Technology to Master Contingent Workforce Compliance

This event is now in the past.

Is your company ready to manage the compliance risks associated with 1099, IR-35, 508 and contingent labor?

The world of work is changing and the role of the contingent workforce is rapidly expanding. If the gig economy keeps growing at its current rate, more than 50% of the US workforce will participate in it by 2027. As of now, 20-30% of the workforce in EU-15 countries are engaged in non-traditional work.

Here is what we covered in the webinar

  • Compliance requirements with non-traditional workforce and how to use technology to mitigate those risks
  • What exactly are 1099, Freelance, and IR-35 workers?

  • IR-35 reform is happening in the UK and what this means for your compliance management

  • 508 compliance in the US and how this affects your organization

This interactive webinar was facilitated by Spend Matters and addressed common questions and misconceptions involving compliance and the gig economy workers.


Taylor headshot for webinar
Taylor Ramchandani
VectorVMS, Product Manager
Andrew Karpie headshot for webinar
Andrew Karpie
Spend Matters, Research Director
David Ballew headshot for webinar
David Ballew


Date: November 13, 2019 - November 13, 2019
Time (CST): 10:00am - 11:00am