VectorVMS Technology Ecosystem

The VectorVMS Technology Ecosystem brings flexibility and power to your contingent program. With experts across multiple specialties, you can be sure you’re getting the best technologies to manage your total extended workforce.

Our technology partners include:

  • Learning Technologies Group (LTG) brands. LTG businesses include content and technology offerings, helping our clients close the gap between current and future workforce capabilities through the combination of best-of-breed services and products.
  • Technology Partners. We leverage technology experts to provide a high-quality, well-rounded solution to each of our clients. Our tech partners augment our VMS with Sourcing, Compliance, Services, and Data.
  • Integrations. We offer standard integration capabilities with top-tiered ERPs, ATS’s, and more – making your integrations a quick and seamless process.

Check out the infographic below to see the VectorVMS Technology Ecosystem. Scroll down to download a PDF copy.