VectorVMS API Network

Utilize VectorVMS’s network of APIs to seamlessly connect all your essential systems. Increase automation and drive efficiency by introducing APIs that coordinate between VectorVMS and your human capital and procurement systems, ensuring data is available wherever you need it!

Get Connected!

VectorVMS has created a network of APIs that let our clients, partners and vendors seamlessly connect their VMS with other key systems. This network gives you the power to build a technology ecosystem that creates the most efficient extended workforce program possible.

Utilizing APIs

Easily send various data types including, but not limited to: 

  • Requisitions
  • Candidates
  • Hired Workers
  • Timesheets

You can also use our APIs to work seamlessly with our technology ecosystem partners.


Benefits - Connect to industry-leading platforms - Orange

Connect to industry-leading platforms

Benefits - Pass data seamlessly and securely in real time - Orange

Pass data seamlessly and securely in real time

Benefits - Flexible configuration of industry-leading APIs - Orange

Flexible configuration of industry-leading APIs

Benefits - Connect to VectorVMS ecosystem partners - Orange

Connect to VectorVMS ecosystem partners

Benefits - Eliminate manual data entry - Orange

Eliminate manual data entry

Current Use Cases

There are a variety of different ways the VectorVMS APIs are already being used today. Using our network of APIs our clients are quickly and seamlessly sending data to:

  • HRIS
  • Scheduling Software
  • Direct Sourcing

We use our API network to connect with all of our ecosystem partners.

Ready to Try It Out Yourself?

Want to leverage the VectorVMS API network? Whether you’re a new technology provider, existing client or partner, or a vendor in one of our programs you can request access to our network of APIs using our API Developer Portal. Please complete the contact us form on the developer portal to get started!

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