Vendor Management System

Get end-to-end visibility and control over your contingent workforce with a flexible VMS that’s quick to implement and easy to use.

Your organization relies on contingent labor. It’s your key to closing talent gaps and increasing business agility.

Without the right vendor management system, it’s easy to lose track of who’s on site, what projects they’re supporting, and how much it costs in total.

What can a Vendor Management System do for you? A vendor management system (VMS) allows you to optimize your contingent workforce program. Control costs, ensure compliance, increase quality, and boost efficiency across the contingent labor lifecycle.

If you’re using spreadsheets and emails to manage spend and communicate with staffing suppliers, it’s time to automate and streamline with a reliable VMS and expert contingent program management services.

VectorVMS can help.

Our vendor management software is quick to implement, easy to use, and flexible enough to conform to your workflows.

Manage Nonemployees throughout the Contingent Lifecycle

  • Manage staff augmentation, services procurement, and other resources in a single source of record
  • Procure and track temps and hourly workers
  • Manage SOW needs through milestones, resources, and/or fees
  • Track IDs for security, cafeteria, landscaping, janitorial, and other nonemployees on premises

Eliminate Uncontrolled Spend with Total Budget Visibility

  • Manage timesheets, volume discounts, and overtime rates
  • Approve contractor time online and pay a single invoice for all your contingent labor
  • Set real-time budget alerts to track allocated project funds

Comply with Confidence

  • Track compliance by position and location
  • Manage and document NDAs, certifications, drug screening, security access, and other critical compliance items
  • Set workflows and alerts for pre-engagement, onboarding, and off-boarding
  • Ensure that compliance does not expire during the lifetime of your candidate

Elevate Candidate and Vendor Quality

  • Enable hiring managers to specify skills and easily compare candidates
  • Track candidate performance and identify success factors, by role, manager, department, and vendor
  • Flag candidates who perform poorly to prevent re-engagement
  • Track vendor performance with dynamic ranking tools

Boost Efficiency

  • Streamline and automate procurement and HR processes
  • Enable hiring managers to submit requisitions, review candidates, process timesheets, and evaluate candidate performance in a single system
  • Reduce hiring manager effort with intuitive workflows for sourcing, compliance, and on- and off-boarding
  • Approve timesheets with the mobile app

Track Program Metrics and Use Data to Drive Improvement

  • Track and report on spend, tenure, diversity, time-to-fill, false starts, and other key metrics
  • Access more than 120 standard reports and create unlimited custom reports
  • Create reports for automatic, scheduled distribution to program stakeholders
  • Drive decision-making and strategy with actionable analytics, business intelligence, and robust reporting
  • Create dashboards tailored to the needs of procurement, HR, hiring managers, and other stakeholders

Choose Your Best-Fit Delivery Model

Only VectorVMS offers clients three options for managing your VMS:

Accelerate ROI

Our implementation services team takes an agile, thorough, customer-focused approach to implementation.

We’ll lead your team through system configuration, data loading, and user training—so you can start reaping the benefits of automation and visibility.

And if you work with an MSP partner or our expert program management team, you can cut the usual time to value from several months to just weeks.

Insights and Resources for Contingent Workforce Managers

VectorVMS has an intuitive platform that brings simplification to a previously cumbersome process. And the expertise our VectorVMS account manager brings is outstanding.

Chuck Lotz, Senior Vice President and Director, Talent Acquisition, First Citizens Bank