Meet the Team

marc husain

Marc Husain

Managing Director and Vice President of Sales

Taylor Ramchandani headshot

Taylor Ramchandani

Product Manager

Jay Grissom headshot

Jay Grissom

Director of Strategic Services

Fred Weygandt headshot

Fred Weygandt

Senior Business Development Director

JP Gooch headshot

JP Gooch

Director of Channel Development

Headshot of David Morris

David Morris

Implementation Consultant & Channel Manager

Todd Paddock headshot

Todd Paddock

Director of Engineering

Susan Robinson headshot

Susan Robinson

Manager, Software Engineering

Cindy Chunn headshot

Cindy Chunn

Senior Program Manager

Teresa Hodges Bryant headshot

Teresa Hodges Bryant

Program Manager

Karen Dillard Braam headshot

Karen Dillard Braam

Associate Program Manager