Shared Managed Services

Augment your contingent workforce management with customized program support provided by industry experts.


A strong contingent workforce program requires an intuitive VMS. In addition, it demands strategic thinking and efficient operations. It’s a full time job – and then some.

Let VectorVMS be your strategic partner.

Our program managers have decades of diversified experience. This hybrid management model can be the perfect compliment to help you design and manage a contingent workforce program that brings your talent strategies to life.

Increase Operational Flexibility

Partnering with VectorVMS allows you to create a hybrid model enabling you to focus on strategic initiatives while outsourcing operational tasks. This allows you to:

  • Control key decision factors
  • Offload operational tasks
  • Focus on the strategic components of your program.

Maximize Efficiency with SMS Services

Let our team tackle the operational details of contingent workforce management so your team can focus on strategy. We can manage program elements like

  • Invoicing and payment
  • Vendor onboarding and training
  • Vendor audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Rate rationalization.

Achieve True Vendor Neutrality

Our program managers work for you. Trust our team to support your selection workflow with no affiliation to staffing suppliers, so you can

  • Access the largest talent pool at the most competitive rate
  • Get objective vendor analyses
  • Let your data drive process improvements.

Implement Best Practices

With VectorVMS, your seasoned program manager will always be available to provide guidance when you need it. Drawing on experience that expands across the industry your program manager will be able to advise you on best practices for:

  • Controlling costs
  • Managing risk
  • Elevating candidate and vendor quality
  • Implementing efficient workflows.

Insights and Resources for Contingent Workforce Managers