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Is your contingent workforce program lost in a maze of spreadsheets and emails?


Are your requisitions for temps and contractors getting lost in emails?


Could you survive an audit of your onboarding compliance?


You rely on contingent labor for workforce agility. Don’t let manual tools like spreadsheets and email slow you down!


VectorVMS can help.


See what an easy-to-use vendor management system (VMS) can do to

  • Track and control total contingent spend
  • Streamline processes for procurement, HR, and hiring managers
  • Automate compliance.

With the right tool, you can gain visibility across your contingent workforce, work more efficiently, and boost the quality of engagements.


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Meet VectorVMS:
Our team of experts has decades of experience in vendor management technology and contingent workforce management. We’ve helped hundreds of companies break out of spreadsheets so they can gain visibility and control over contingent spend and risk.