Ask an Expert: Top 6 Questions to Ask During a VMS Demo [VIDEO]

A demo gives you an in-depth look at the system, its features and functions, and its user experience. It’s also your opportunity to ask questions to ensure your selection team understands how the vendor management solution will fit into current workflows. You will also want to get to the bottom of how it will satisfy the needs of leadership to track meaningful KPIs for your contingent workforce program.

In this video, Solutions and Learning Engineer, Irene Koulianos, covers the top six questions you should be asking during a VMS demo.

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Meet the Expert
Irene Koulianos – Program Manager

Irene Koulianos brings a decade of experience in contingent labor staffing and recruitment to her role as Program Manager. She helps new and existing clients to develop best-fit vendor management solutions for their contingent labor programs. This includes product demonstrations, completing bids, and supporting the product team with roadmap initiatives. In addition to this primary role, she is passionate about building eLearning solutions for clients, partners, and internal VectorVMS staff leveraging Learning Technologies Group products. Prior to joining VectorVMS, Irene worked for large international staffing organizations as well as smaller boutique IT recruitment firms. She has a deep understanding of the contingent workforce landscape which helps her create meaningful solutions for her clients. Connect with her on LinkedIn.