VectorVMS Releases a New Module to Track & Promote DE&I in Contingent Workforce Programs

RALEIGH, NC—05 October 2023—VectorVMS, a leading provider of vendor management solutions (VMS), is reaffirming its commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives through its services. The company has introduced a new module in its VMS platform that enables organizations to track candidate diversity within their contingent workforce, during both the sourcing and engagement stages.

“Being able to accurately track, measure, and promote diversity initiatives is hugely important, but until recently, this was mainly a focus for full-time labor. With the growth in the contingent workforce, it’s becoming more and more important for organizations to be able to determine the current diversity status of their non-full-time workforce,” said Marc Husain, managing director of VectorVMS.

VectorVMS’s new diversity module is configurable, allowing the user to determine which demographic information they want to collect. Also, individuals applying for a job will be asked to provide their demographic information at different stages of the application process. This approach ensures that candidates have ample chances to provide or update their personal information.

Furthermore, the module offers a reporting function that provides valuable insights into areas where organizations can enhance their sourcing and engagement efforts. Critically, the reporting function does not disclose specific candidate details, protecting sensitive information.

According to a report by SIA, the most popular strategy for companies aiming to improve DE&I by 2022 was to seek vendors that provide a diverse pool of candidates. Research indicates that DE&I initiatives can enhance decision-making, boost profitability, and make organizations more resilient during economic downturns.

“The release of the diversity module provides a distinct advantage to our customers, as VectorVMS has become one of the few platforms capable of tracking candidate diversity,” added Marc.

To see the diversity module in action, get in touch to request a demo.


Meet the Expert
Nikki Williams – Marketing Brand Manager

Nikki Williams is responsible for marketing strategy and implementation for VectorVMS. In her role, she helps contingent workforce professionals discover the value of a vendor management solutions through blogs, webinars, conferences, and more. Her goal is to ensure these professionals can quickly find answers to their questions about VMS technology. Nikki has more than 10 years of experience as a marketing professional for technology, including human resources technologies as well as leadership and organizational development services. Connect with her on LinkedIn.