Coronavirus Response

In recognition of the evolving COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to provide acknowledgement that our organization is aware and is proactively initiating business continuity activities accordingly.

Actions we are taking:

  • Learning Technology Group, VectorVMS is monitoring the situation closely, keeping the health and safety of our employees in mind, while also ensuring that our business continuity capabilities will allow us to continue providing services to our clients.
  • Providing direction and timely information to our workforce with regard to proper precautions and healthcare options.

Some technical factors of our business continuity capabilities:

  • Geographically dispersed office locations, allowing for migration of business functions, if needed.
  • Cloud-based business systems, allowing for continued business functions regardless of local office operations status.
  • Primary and Disaster Recovery hosting facilities are geographically separated, void of regional dependencies that could be affected by a pandemic event.
  • Corporate infrastructure architected to support secure remote worker access, with multiple regionally separated access points.

If you have questions about our plan or steps that we are taking to address the outbreak, please contact your account manager or submit a query via Zendesk portal. We will provide additional updates and further guidance as needed.