A Buyer’s Guide to Vendor Management Technology

How to select the right VMS technology to replace manual processes and optimize your contingent workforce program

If your organization needs greater visibility and control over your contingent workforce, it’s time to kick off the search for the right vendor management system (VMS).

That’s a high stakes assignment. To get it right, it helps to understand what vendor management solutions can do, how they differ, and which features and functions are the most important to your team.

Get a head start with our latest Buyer’s Guide to Vendor Management Technology.

Find out how to compare VMS providers based on critical considerations like

  • Flexibility in delivery model
  • Compliance management capabilities
  • Workflow configurability
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Approach to implementation.

By following a thorough approach to selection and taking time to prepare for implementation, your team can minimize the stress of change management, encourage adoption, and accelerate ROI.

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