Managing Extended Labor In-House: Live Linkedin Discussion

Railinc’s Sr Corporate Recruiter, Lakshmi Naganathan, joins VectorVMS Program Manager, Teresa Hodges Bryant, for a candid conversation about how the company manages its contingent workforce management in-house with the help of Shared Managed Services (SMS).

If you currently operate your contingent labor program in-house, have a growing program, and are unsure whether or not to keep your program in-house, or have decided to take your program in-house, you won’t want to miss this water cooler-style chat!

Teresa and Lakshmi cover topics such as:

  • Why Railinc chose to run its program in-house
  • How Railinc got started, and what role SMS had in its success
  • What benefits it gained from an in-house program supported by SMS
  • How Railinc’s vendor relationships have been maintained throughout the program

Watch the video below: