VectorVMS Turns 5: How Our Grand Journey Unfolded

How did five years pass by so quickly? This month, the team is feeling nostalgic as we celebrate our fifth anniversary. VectorVMS’s journey so far has been exciting and characterized by unwavering commitment, numerous trials and triumphs, and a legion of satisfied customers. Let’s take a moment to reflect on this wonderful half-decade.

From itiliti to VectorVMS: Hand in Hand With the Evolving Workforce

While the VectorVMS brand is celebrating its fifth year, our company’s full journey actually extends back more than 20 years:

  • 1999: Our story begins with itiliti, a platform designed to facilitate the hiring and management of contingent staff while infusing a necessary human touch into the equation.
  • 2001: itiliti was acquired by the talent management systems company Peopleclick and consolidated under its name. This allowed Peopleclick to expand its management of contingent staff alongside its full-time capabilities.
  • 2009: Peopleclick underwent another acquisition, merging with the talent company known as Authoria, to form Peopleclick Authoria. Two years later, the company underwent a rebranding and became PeopleFluent.

You may be familiar with the name PeopleFluent, as it still exists as our sister brand! So, how did our current brand come into existence?

  • 2018: Learning Technology Group acquired PeopleFluent and, upon realizing the distinct operational dynamics between the two facets of the business—contingent and full-time—it was decided that a split would be beneficial.

Finally, after many hours of deliberation over a fitting name, VectorVMS was officially launched on December 5, 2018. A new VMS was ready to shake up the world of extended workforce management.

What Have We Achieved Since 2018?

One of the reasons we can call this a “grand journey” is that it has also resulted in tangible benefits for our clients. Over the past five years, we’ve made substantial progress in enhancing the technology and service experience for our stakeholders:

Technological Improvements

  • We achieved certified compliance with the WCAG 2.1 international standard for accessibility.
  • We obtained ISO 27001 and 27701 certifications from A-Lign.
  • We maintained continuous compliance with SOC 1 & 2 audit reports by AIPAC.
  • We expanded our range of languages to 10—and we’re committed to adding more!
  • We deployed an integration management tool, additional APIs, and incorporated direct sourcing technology to enhance hiring capabilities.
  • We launched a mobile app to keep our clients connected wherever they are.
  • We developed new features based on client requests and integrated them as built-in features, such as advanced vendor tiering, vendor-delivered reports, and multi-level timesheet approvals.
  • We reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives by becoming one of the first platforms capable of tracking candidate diversity.
  • We adapted to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) by incorporating Arya AI by Leoforce, an advanced tool that excels in candidate matching.
  • We introduced a new feature to automate the UK’s Pay As You Earn (PAYE) income tax payments—providing significant relief to our customers!

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Service Improvements

  • Expanded Talent Ecosystem: We broadened our talent ecosystem to provide proven expertise in specific facets of talent management. This includes a strategic partnership with Makeshift for seamless scheduling integration.
  • Shared Managed Services (SMS): We formally introduced SMS, a novel program that empowers clients with the flexibility of managing their contingent workforce program while having our experts available on demand.
  • Client Advisory Board: We instituted a board to facilitate regular meetings with both direct clients and Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners, ensuring their voices are heard and considered.
  • Introduction of a Channel Account Manager (CAM) Role: We’ve introduced a new position that acts as a direct communication link between MSP partners and VectorVMS. This role enables us to assist our partners in maximizing the utilization of all platform features, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients.
  • CCWP Certifications: Several of our team members have attained the prestigious CCWP certification, recognizing them as elite professionals in contingent labor program management.

Moreover, we continue our commitment to sharing valuable knowledge through free webinars, events, articles, infographics, and easy-to-read ebooks. These resources are designed to keep our customers informed about emerging technologies and best practices in contingent labor.

Awards and Recognitions

Certainly, our individual and collective efforts have also translated into recognition within the industry:

  • In 2020, Taylor Ramchandani, a key leader in our company, was acknowledged in the ‘40 Under 40’ list by Staffing Streams Analyst (SIA). This list recognized individuals who were striking in their commitment to putting people first and building community through their passion, integrity, creativity, and perseverance.
  • VectorVMS achieved the ‘Major Contender’ status for two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023, in Everest Group’s Vendor Management System (VMS) PEAK Matrix® assessments.

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What’s Next for VectorVMS?

As highlighted in our latest ebook, there may be turbulent times ahead for the global economy. Historically, these periods coincide with a significant surge in contingent workforce hiring. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that we reaffirm our commitment to continuous growth and technological enhancement to better serve our clients and partners.

The last five years are only the initial stages of a journey where our clients take center stage as the true protagonists. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to them and our valued partners who have been the driving force behind our success. Ultimately, this success is about serving people: providing opportunities to consultants, freelancers, and untapped talent worldwide, empowering them to shape the future they rightfully deserve.

Thank you very much!


Meet the Expert
Nikki Williams – Marketing Brand Manager

Nikki Williams is responsible for marketing strategy and implementation for VectorVMS. In her role, she helps contingent workforce professionals discover the value of a vendor management solutions through blogs, webinars, conferences, and more. Her goal is to ensure these professionals can quickly find answers to their questions about VMS technology. Nikki has more than 10 years of experience as a marketing professional for technology, including human resources technologies as well as leadership and organizational development services. Connect with her on LinkedIn.