Picking Your Contingent Workforce Management Style [Infographic]

While a VMS is the center of your contingent workforce program, it needs next-level support to help it operate efficiently. A program without the right service delivery model is like a car with no wheels—it may turn on, but it isn’t going to go anywhere.

To pick the right service option for your organization, it’s essential to understand these three delivery models:

  • In-house management
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Hybrid program management

No delivery model is ‘one size fits all’, but by understanding their differences, you will be able to determine which avenue is going to lead you to your ultimate program success.

Check out our infographic below and for more information on this topic, download a copy of our eBook, ‘Your Guide to Contingent Workforce Management: A Partnership Approach for Your Contingent Workforce Program’.

Picking Your Contingent Workforce Management Style Infographic

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