Shared Managed Services (SMS): A Hybrid Technology and Services Solution for Contingent Workforce Management

The concept of contingent workforce management isn’t new, but the delivery models used are evolving to fit market needs. 

The historically dominant delivery model includes outsourcing your program to a Managed Service Provider (MSP). While this is a great option and we have many strong, reliable partnerships we want to bring to light, a new option is growing in popularity: hybrid in-house management.

We’ve seen some programs struggle to move in-house. This has prompted us to create our Shared Managed Services (SMS) program to enable our clients to:

  • Offboard tasks where they may not have the resources
  • Draw on industry expertise when making program decisions
  • Reduce cost by only paying for the services they need help with
  • Maintain control of the culture of their contingent workforce program

To learn more about what SMS program management is and determine if it’s the right fit for you, check out our SMS product sheet.