VectorVMS Partners With WillHire for Contingent Workforce Efficiencies

RALEIGH, NC–June 9, 2020–VectorVMS, a leading vendor management solution (VMS) that helps organizations manage their contingent labor spend, is pleased to announce its new partnership with WillHire, a direct sourcing organization driving change in the way organizations source talent. This partnership brings decades of shared expertise together to offer a better way to recruit and manage top contingent talent.

“The contingent workforce is continually changing and it is imperative to keep up with the times,” said Marc Husain, Managing Director at VectorVMS. “The partnership between WillHire and VectorVMS will allow us to expand the way our clients obtain talent and increase the quality of their programs overall.”

Added Husain, “This partnership comes at a critical time when organizations are going to need all the help they can get to attract top talent. To achieve optimal recruiting, the recommendation is to implement a blended strategy of a vendor management system and a direct sourcing system.” It is predicted that the use of contingent labor will skyrocket as the economy rebuilds post-COVID-19, making a differentiated sourcing strategy imperative. Even before the pandemic occurred 32% of organizations were looking to replace full-time labor with contingent labor.

With this addition to the VectorVMS technology ecosystem, clients and partners will be able to source talent through new means, allowing them to increase their candidate quality. “By going outside of the traditional staffing model and allowing candidates to apply to positions directly, they will see more diversified talent and will be able to reach a broader set of applicants,” said Taylor Ramchandani, VectorVMS Product Manager. “With most workers already looking for jobs on job boards and company websites, it makes sense to add contract positions here as well.”

“Organizations of all sizes are rethinking their contingent worker talent sourcing strategy, where direct sourcing plays a key role bringing modern-day talent acquisition techniques into the program, without disrupting existing models,” said Praneeth Patlola, CEO at WillHire. “We are super excited about this partnership which enables VectorVMS clients to seamlessly implement direct sourcing and private talent pools to optimize spend and improve critical KPIs of their contingent workforce programs.”

About VectorVMS

VectorVMS, a former division of PeopleFluent, delivers software and services to help businesses optimize their contingent workforce programs. Drawing on 20 years of experience, we help clients and MSP partners control costs, maintain compliance, and drive quality and efficiency—throughout the contingent labor lifecycle.
VectorVMS offers flexible delivery models, enabling clients to manage strategic sourcing in-house, through an MSP, or with support from our experienced program managers.

A part of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), VectorVMS also powers a total talent ecosystem that gives clients a holistic view of their workforce.

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About WillHire

WillHire is a direct sourcing and total pool solution enabling enterprises to attract, curate, and engage contingent talent by leveraging their employer brand. WillHire’s technology solution seamlessly integrates with industry-leading VMS platforms, acting as an extension enabling enterprises to build and grow their private talent pool with a holistic approach by launching customized talent referral programs relevant to contingent labor, generating talent traffic from 100+ online channels, screening talent with a combination of AI/Machine Learning and expert human-based talent curation, and deploying robotic sourcing from public talent pools. Customers can launch a reliable alternate talent sourcing channel which brings in high-quality temp workers at a significantly reduced cost.

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Meet the Expert
Taylor Ramchandani – VP of Strategy

Taylor Ramchandani is responsible for the management and strategic planning of the VectorVMS vendor management system. Taylor is committed to client satisfaction and to ensuring VectorVMS technology meets the current and future needs of clients and managed service providers (MSPs). She uses market research and in-depth industry experience to create products and services that make extended workforce management efficient and intuitive. Taylor oversees product development, marketing, and business partnerships for VectorVMS and is responsible for driving innovation for contingent workforce management. Connect with her on LinkedIn.